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Vaulting Boxes

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We offer a large selection of high-quality vaulting boxes in various sizes and designs, such as with swivel castors or castors for transport or different colors (natural or colored). Whether the classic vaulting box or other gymnastics equipment, Kübler Sport has a big range of products for you.

  1. Sprinbokx® Set M
    Sprinbokx® Set M
  2. Springbokx® Set S
    Springbokx® Set S
  3. Suspension hook for ladder
    Suspension hook for ladder
    Immediately available
  4. Rubber ring for vario-holm
    Rubber ring for vario-holm
    Immediately available
  5. treshold
    Immediately available
  6. Lid for Vaulting Box, 70 x 50 cm
    Lid for Vaulting Box, 70 x 50 cm
    Immediately available

Items 1-30 of 48

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Buy stable, durable & high quality vaulting boxes

What types of vaulting boxes are there?

Vaulting boxes are available in different versions for different purposes. In our shop you will find everything from a small box, which can be used as a spring trestle, to a large vaulting box and combi box. Basically, the gymnastics boxes differ due to their size or dimensions, the number of box elements, the material used for the vaulting box, as well as with integrated driving equipment or without a rolling device on the lower part of the vaulting box. We have a variety of jumpers available: from 1-piece jumpers to 6-piece jumpers with driving equipment and cut-outs for accessories. The smallest possible height is approx. 50 cm and is achieved if the upper and lower parts are used exclusively. This small box can be used very well as a stool for children. Vaulting boxes have numerous uses anyway.

Vaulting box made of wood with leather cover

The gymnastics boxes in our range consist of selected hardwood birch multiplex wood, the corner elements are made of domestic hardwood (pinewood). The gluing and additional screwing of the individual elements creates a stable basic construction. A further security feature is created by the integrated, screwed corner elements on the lid with a strong rounding. When covering the upholstery made of composite foam on the leather lid, you can choose between synthetic leather and real leather (cowhide). The upholstery and upholstery of the products are characterized by exceptional dimensional stability. In addition, a vaulting box can be equipped with a rolling device and / or with cutouts for hanging other gymnastics equipment, as well as in different colors. The vaulting boxes in our range are all softly padded and the upholstery has no coloring properties.

What exercises can be done with a gym?

In school sports in gymnastics lessons and as a classic discipline in gymnastics, box jumping is an important part of gymnastics. In addition to the classic box jumping, depending on the version and number of box elements, a vaulting box can be used in many ways. For example, depending on the height and size, a box can be used as an obstacle for jumping over or jumping on it, or turned upside down as part of a course. Gym equipment, e.g. a gymnastics ladder or a chicken ladder or climbing ladder can be attached and thus also used as part of a balance course.

Advantages of a vaulting box from Kübler Sport

The vaulting box or the gymnastics box in our range is characterized by numerous advantages, such as the following:

  • Adjustable height
  • Other gymnastic equipment, such as climbing ladders, can be hung in the openings of the gymnastics boxes
  • Possibility of an integrated driving device with transport rollers or swivel rollers and with non-marking rubber buffers in the vaulting box
  • High quality workmanship made of synthetic leather and oak
  • Durable cover plate
  • Robust and high dimensional stability
  • Non-slip thanks to high-quality padding of the upper part made of composite foam with leather (core cowhide) or artificial leather (no coloring properties)
  • Non-marking rubber buffers
  • Stable
  • Versatile (also as a chest or bench)
  • Made in Germany
  • Any combination of the box parts
  • Production according to DIN 7908, DIN EN 916

Good to know: use of a vaulting box in school or club

In school sports lessons or club sports, particularly high safety requirements apply. For this reason, a vaulting box that is used in physical education or in club sports must be certified in terms of safety. This means that a gymnastics box or the manufacture of a spring box must comply with the standards DIN 7908, DIN EN 916. In school sports, especially for children, the gymnastics box can also be used as a gymnastics bench or as a gymnastics bench.

Buy a vaulting box in the right dimensions and with a leather cover, which, in addition to gymnastic trestles and gymnastics benches, is part of the basic equipment of every gym and has a wide range of uses.