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Basketball - Balls ideal for schools, sports clubs and competition by Kübler Sport

Basketball had once been developed by a Canadian. He wanted to have a new form of game with the ball, playable in the gym. Today the game is popular all over the world. Especially in the US and in China, basketball is one of the most famous team sports ever. In 1936 it has become a part of the Olympic Games and teams from all over the world fight in exciting basketball games. Famous players are usually very tall and athletic young guys and they really can handle the ball. The ideal ball has 625 g and amplitude of 75 cm. The basketball has to have a good jump. Official competition balls, training basketballs or soft methodical basketballs are available in our online shop. We have the perfect ball for every purpose and in every size. For example, we also have basketballs in size 3 perfect for children of 6 years and older. These balls are smaller than and not as heavy as the normal ones. For teenager and adults we have competition balls and training basketballs of brands such as Spalding, Molten and Baden. Spalding is a famous producer for all kinds of balls. The company is located in Kentucky, America. The basketballs of Spalding are well known and used in the NBA. Almost all the basketballs are approved by DBB and FIBA. For basketball games at outdoor courts our streetball balls are perfectly suitable. The covering of the ball is more sturdy and solid than at normal balls and thus highly appropriate for the game in the streets. For your schools sports training we recommend the Kübler Sport basketball “School” or the basketballs Molten School Master or Molten School Trainer. Younger children will have a lot of fun when playing with the basketball “Rainbow”.

Basketballs - for streetball and Co. You get your adequate ball by Kübler Sport

Kübler Sport offers basketballs for all kinds of basketball games. Kübler Sport offers indoor basketballs for the gym, the sports field or outdoor balls for streetball: Our comprehensive product range provides all kinds of balls in different sizes. Even the design of the balls in our online shop is remarkable. Balls for indoor and outdoor basketball, for leisure sports, training balls and official competition balls: Kübler Sport is the expert and together we will definitely find the perfect basketball for you.

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Kübler Sport offers competition basketballs of brands such as Molten, Spalding, Seamco and Baden. To choose the appropriate size of the basketball, have a close look to the following size schedule.

Basketball sizes

size team amplitude weight
Basketball size 7 men 75 - 78 cm 567 - 650 g
Basketball size 6 women 72 - 73 cm 510 - 567 g
Basketball size 5 children 10 years and older ca. 70 cm ca. 485 g
Basketball size 3 children 6 years and older 57 cm 315 g