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Gymnastic Mats

Gymnastic mats by Kübler Sport - Mats for fitness, aerobics, physiotherapy, for leisure sports or schools- and professional sports

With our gymnastic mats, you will be perfectly equipped for any kind of exercise in your training. In our wide choice of gymnastic mats, you can find sports mats in different versions and colours as the perfect support for your fitness training. Choose your sports mat - for every purpose and every kind of exercise, we have the adequate mat for you. The different sizes are 120 x 60 cm, 140 x 60 cm or, if you prefer a bigger one, we also have the size 200 x 125 cm. We also have different thicknesses from 0,8 cm to 2,5 cm. Our Kübler Sport training mats support your training in a soft and perfect way. Due to the special sanitized-refining, the Kübler Sport products permanently reject bacteria and guarantee a hygienic standard in your classes. On top, the sports mats provide a solid standing and are anti-slip. The Kübler Sport gymnastic mats are available in different colours. Choose your perfect workout mat for fitness, workout, yoga, Pilates, gymnastics or for your home training - you can order easily and comfortable in our Kübler Sport online shop. The storage of your training mats is also necessary. The ideal way to store them is a wall suspension system. It can be easily put on the wall and thus the mats can be stored space-saving. For the wall suspension system, the sports mats are equipped with special wall mounts. And if you like to have the rollable version, we also have a rollable rack for your mat storage system. And to carry the sports mats comfortably with you to the fitness centre or your fitness class, you also find the adequate mat bags or webbings in our online shop.

Airex gymnastic mats

Airex, the market leader in gymnastic mats, only uses high quality closed cell foams. Therefore, Airex gymnastic mats satisfy their customers due to the high durability and high hygienic standards. High quality and persistence are the main characteristics of Airex mats. Airex mats are planar and anti-slip - the ideal ones for exercise in schools sports, sports clubs, for therapy purposes and also for yoga and Pilates. Airex training mats have a stain-resistant and anti-bacterial covering. Regarding colouring you can choose from Airex products in standard colours or in the latest trend colours kiwi, pink and water blue

Here is a short summary of our product range regarding gymnastic mats:

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Gymnastic mats can be used in various ways: The mats are not only used for fitness, yoga, Pilates or other sports purposes - due to their non-slip, isolating and cushioning quality, the mats are also used in swimming pools.