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Blackroll & Fascia Rolls

Blackroll® and fascia training - get the ideal regeneration with the fascia rolls and fascia sets by Kübler Sport

The Blackroll®, even if it is a small and unimposing training device, its effect is impressing. With the help of the roll you can easily prepare your muscles and your fascia tissue system for the training and exercises. You can also use the roll afterwards to support the regeneration of your muscles and your fascia tissue: roll softly and slowly after your training exercises over your muscles with the roll and your fascia tissue will get soft and smooth and you support the reduction of metabolic waste products. Fascia are a soft and viscous connective tissue surrounding the human muscles and the entire human body. For a long time, fascia had been known as a tissue existing just to separate the muscles in the human body but not having any other special function. But indeed this assumption has been disproven now. Teams of researchers specialized in medicine and sports sciences identified the high impact of the human fascia tissue system and have proven it on the basis of representative surveys. No longer, the only function of fascia and fascia tissue is just the simple separating of muscles in the human body, even metabolic waste products and lymph is being removed by and within the fascia. Fascia are peppered with innumerable nerve endings and end plates and thus they have a huge impact on our autonomic nervous system. Not only flexibility is depending on the fascia tissue, but also the strength skills are depending on this tissue system. The fascia roll has been developed especially for training of the fascia tissue and the regeneration. Initially the rolls had been used only for therapeutic purposes. But little by little professional athletes and leisure sports athletes got interested in the self-massage with the fascia roll. With the help of Blackroll, fascia adhesions can be resolved and thus the fascia tissue gets soft and smooth. After a long and intensive training you can ease your muscles with the fascia roll and the regeneration process will be improved. By means of regeneration you have to roll very slowly with the fascial roll over the single muscles, and to activate your fascia tissue before training, roll fast and with little small movements with the fascia roll. In our online shop you find a large choice of fascia rolls of various producers, as well as further products for the fascia massage, fascial training and the fascial release. You get the original Blackroll®, in different tempers in our online shop. If you prefer a softer massage then try the Blackroll® MED, this version is softer than the Blackroll® Standard. And if the Blackroll® Standard is not enough for you, you should try the Blackroll® PRO, this is the hardest version of all Blackrolls®. All of the rolls are harder than an average foam roll and give your fascia a strong and deep massage and the necessary release.

For the fascia massage, the fascial release and for regeneration purposes have a close look in our online shop in the category fascia training:

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Blackroll® is the ideal device for regeneration purposes and for the self-massage of the fascia tissue. With the help of the fascia roll you can stimulate the release relaxation of the fascia tissue. Regular fascia training can prevent from muscle aches and it improves relaxation of muscles and thus fascial training is performance-enhancing. Do not hesitate and start soon with your fascia training. Find the adequate fascia roll in the online shop of Kübler Sport.