Slackline stand Slack Board

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fitness_at_homeDesigned for home use.trainingIdeal for use in training in sports clubs and school sports.

Slackline stand Slack Board

The mobile slackline stand Slack-Board allows the slacklining everywhere, independent of existing fixing points or trees, both indoors and outdoors. The Slack board is due to its design quickly and easily be built up, the flat design always guarantees a secure footing. The stable wooden structure only has a weight of only 11 kg, but can be loaded up to 120 kg. The Slackline offers sufficient ground clearance for slacklining at a height of 32 cm, but without any fall protection. The slackline frame includes a slackline with a width of 35 mm.

Product features:
- Sturdy beech wood construction
- Slackline 35 mm wide, color orange
- Maximum load capacity 120 kg
- Dimensions (L x W x H) 240 x 30 x 32 cm
- Weight 11 kg
- Suitable for children from 6 years, young people and adults

Slacken keeps fit and trains coordination, balance and the entire body. With its compact design, low weight and the folding mechanism, the Slack board is not only for the private gym, but also facilities such as kindergartens and day care centres, but also for schools and clubs. After slacking, the slackline stand can be easily folded up and stowed away easily.

The Slackboard is characterized by its low weight, the enormous load capacity and its space-saving foldability.

Made from renewable raw material

This product is partly or completely made of organic raw materials obtained from agricultural and forestry production.

Product information
30 cm
32 cm
240 cm
Package length
123 cm
Package width
14 cm
Package height
14 cm
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11 kg
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