Barbell bar, barbell bar racks and barbell discs - You get everything for your weightlifting training at Kübler Sport


Weightlifting: Barbell bars and official competition equipment

For exercising weightlifting at home, you mostly use barbell bars and barbell discs with 30 mm. For professional weightlifting it is common to use barbell bars with rotating sockets and barbell discs with 50 mm drilling and of course the adequate collars are a must have. Weightlifting nowadays is a standard part of the strength training in a lot of different training routines of different sports disciplines. In athletics and team sports such as handball, soccer or hockey, exercising with the barbell bar improves various strength skills. To protect the floor while exercising with the barbell bars you should have a special weightlifting floor.

Barbell bar, barbell bar racks and barbell discs - Everything for your weightlifting training

In your own fitness room or in professional fitness centres, you need racks or suitable posts to store the barbell bars adequately. Of course Kübler Sport provides a wide range of equipment and accessories for your weightlifting training: weightlifting belts, magnesia and neck guard, as well as a broad range of short dumbbells. In the following you get a short summary of the main products belonging to the category weightlifting:

  • Barbell bars
  • Barbell discs
  • Collars
  • Barbell sets
  • Weightlifting floors
  • Storage racks
  • Powerlifting

Kübler Sport is the official German distribution partner of ELEIKO, the high quality weightlifting label. We sell the full product range of barbell bars and barbell discs of the Swedish market leader.