Walking Ramp, corner

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Walking Ramp, corner

The corner version is the ideal training track for various applications. The exercise track can be constructed as a corner version or as a 2-sided version. This gives you maximum exercise. Due to the different step height on the right and the left side, completely new movement sequences result. On the one hand, the 5 exercise levels are 13 cm high and on the other hand 15 cm.

Exercise stairs are ideal tools for practicing stairs in rehabilitation after operations. Or use the stairs even for people with mobility problems to prevent falls. With the training course, people learn and improve the safe handling of stairs and descents.

- With adjustable handrail
- As corner version or 2-sided version
- Different height (13 and 15 cm)
- Wide steps with anti-slip coating

Movement safety, mobility and effective training

With this embodiment, the steps can be practiced and descended. Through the training movement movements are restored and the limited mobility after an operation is improved. In addition, the user gains more safety in the stairway and the gangway due to the guided movement. For maximum safety, grip brackets are fitted on both sides. The spars are height adjustable from 70 - 97 cm (including handrail: 130 - 157 cm) and can therefore be adapted to any body size.
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