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Easy to install playground equipment for kindergarten, schoolyard or the public playground. The Vario-System (Art. S4040) offers the following 5 - also individually available - stations for rocking, balancing, rock climbing and swinging:

- Vario-System square (Art. S4042)
- Vario-System Climbing net (Art. S4043)
- Vario-System Hanse rope (Art. S4044)
- Vario-system rubber hammock (art. S4045)
- Vario-system spider net (art. S4048)

The complete set also includes the 5 necessary stand posts made of hot-dip galvanized steel (S4041), including the mounting parts.

The following Vario system elements are also available:

- Vario system cable bridge (Art. S4046)
- Vario-System climbing ladder (Art. S4047)
- Vario system bridge (Art. S4049)
- Vario system rung ladder (type S4050)
- Vario-System climbing basket (Art. S4051)

The individual elements of the Vario system can be combined as desired. An ideal playground equipment with a low drop height of 150 cm. Lawn is therefore suitable as fall protection (except for element spider net: maximum fall height 2.10 m). The grid size of each element is 2.25 m. The ropes and nets of hercules rope Ø 16 mm guarantee high color stability and a special abrasion resistance.

Product features:
- Stand post made of hot-dip galvanized steel (ø 102 mm, 300 cm long) with red cover caps
- Red special paint for self-painting is included
- All ropes and nets made of hercules rope Ø 16 mm, 6-litzig with steel core
- Safety range depends on the mounting angle
- Device height approx. 220 cm
- Max. Drop height 1.5 m, therefore permissible as fall protection lawn (except for spinning)
- Suitable for children from 4 years
- Installation of posts: directly in concrete foundation
- All devices for the playground comply with DIN EN 1176.

Please note when ordering the equipment for the playground that the posts are not included and have to be ordered separately!

Attention: Use under direct supervision of adults!


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