SPIETH® Vaulting Table for Training


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SPIETH® Vaulting Table for Training

3-piece foam vaulting table with a coating of bisonyl and a non-slip support surface made of artificial leather. The training table consists of 2 modular elements made of rigid foam 50 cm and 25 cm high as well as a half-baked foam element at a height of 50 cm, which is adapted to the shape of a jump table top. All 3 module parts are connected to each other by a Velcro system.

Product features:
- SPIETH® exercise jumping table
- 3-piece foam table
- Curved supporting surface (L x W x H): 90 x 75 x 50 cm; 2 rectangular parts 50 and 25 cm high, respectively
- Modular system with variable total height: 50, 75, 100, 125 cm
- Material: Foam with Bisonyl cover, synthetic leather backing
- All parts can be connected by Velcro, fixed by Velcro tape on the floor / mat
- Weight: 28 kg
- Colour Blue

The soft Spieth practice vaulting table made of foam is the ideal jumping table for beginners. Depending on size and performance, the three modules can be combined as desired. The device is very suitable for children, as it guarantees a soft impact from all sides.
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