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CESTA or Flip Toss is throwing and catching game. The skills game with variable throwing and catching technology is a recreational game that is usually played outdoors. Experienced players throw and catch the ball over distances up to 30 m. You can play CESTA as partner game or in groups. The set consists of 2 rackets, about 40 cm long and 1 ball Ø 9 cm. Comes in assorted colors.

Product features:
- 2 paddle rackets, about 40 cm long
- 1 hole Ball Ø 9 cm.
- Assorted colors
- TÜV tested

The return game is also known under Scoop and is similar in shape to the racket of Pelota in the game variant Cesta Punta, which is most commonly played in the United States. Cesta or Flip Toss requires coordination, concentration and mobility. The Cesta game is suitable for children, adolescents and adults.

Spare balls as a complement or replacement to Set CESTA (Flip toss), visit the Art. S6916.

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