Noise absorber for diving board

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Noise absorber for diving board

Significant noise reduction up to 87%. Product features: - Silencer for water jump board - Reduces noise by up to 87% - Simple retrofitting possible - Protects the material of the dive board system With the muffler, you minimize noise pollution in the swimming pool and thus increase the recreational quality for your visitors. In addition, the staff benefits from reduced noise. Function: The oil pressure damper is mounted in a massive and weather-resistant mounting between the end bearing and the roller adjustment. Before the floating board strikes the roller, it is caught by the damper. In order to avoid damage to the underside of the jump board, a reinforcing plate must be installed at a suitable location. Water jumping board and accessories at Kübler Sport Onlineshop: The water sprinkling board GRP, made in Germany, is characterized by its flexibility, the slip resistant surface according to DIN 51097 as well as minimal after-swing. Available in 4 lengths: 3.5 m, 4 m, 4.5 m, 4.8 m. Order the right accessories, such as a dive board repository, a roll adjustment or a jumping board support as well as a silencer.

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