Gymnastic Ball Wall Rack

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Ablage für große Gymnastik-Bälle

The wall shelf is a practical storage system for gymnastics balls.
With the wall bracket we offer you a system which is mounted on the wall. In addition to the gymnastic balls (for example for Pezzi balls), the rack can also accommodate gymnastic mats, smaller and larger balls and other items. Thus, this storage / storage aid is to be used in a variety of ways. With the storage on the wall, you save yourself a floor bearing and thus have more space available. The ball storage is the ideal accessory for fitness studios or as a storage aid for the therapy facility.

Product features Gymnastics Ball Wall Rack:
- For gymnastics ball from ø 42 cm to ø 75 cm
- Loadable up to 40 kg
- Width: 165 cm
- Depth: 54 cm

In addition to the system with the wall bracket, we also offer the system ball holder for 1 gymnastics ball and ball holder for 3 gymnastics balls.

The Gymnastic ball wall rack is made of powder coated steel. This high-quality material is scratch-resistant and shock-proof and easy to clean.

Which and how many gymnastics balls can be stored?
The practical storage aid provides space for several gymnastics balls. Store 4 balls with a diameter of 42 cm or 3 power balls with the ø 53 cm or ø 65 cm. The wall tray can hold up to 2 balls with a diameter of 75 cm and stow away.

Eigenschaften der Gymnastikball-Wandablage

- Für Gymnastikball von ø 42 cm bis ø 75 cm
- Belastbar bis 40 kg
- Breite: 165 cm
- Tiefe: 54 cm

Welche und wie viele Gymnastikbälle können gelagert werden?

Die praktische Aufbewahrungshilfe bietet Platz für mehrere Gymnastikbälle. Lagern Sie 4 Bälle mit einem Durchmesser von 42 cm oder 3 Powerbälle mit dem ø 53 cm oder ø 65 cm. Die Wandablage kann bis zu 2 Bälle mit einem Durchmesser von 75 cm aufnehmen und verstauen.

Zu dem System mit der Wandhalterung bieten wir als Ergänzung noch das System Ballhalter für 1 Gymnastikball und Ballhalter für 3 Gymnastikbälle an.
Product information
Package width
58 cm
Package height
17 cm
Package length
170 cm
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Product weight
6 kg
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