Feather Football Sport INN white

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Feather Football Sport INN white

Small but powerful, the feather footballs, win more and more sports and play excited fans around the world! INN-Feather football is played with the feet, knees, hips, shoulders and head, but not with his hands. Individually or in groups of up to 6 players to stay fit outdoors and indoors, as warm-up and conditioning training.

Feather footballs are available in versions sport and play:

Version Sport is distinguished by its position of the feather and the structure of the foot and therefore relatively quickly ball for advanced and experienced players. The feather football sports is very similar to a regular football in flight and therefore the standard ball for team game (1-6 players). The feather football sports is available in white, red and yellow. The white ball is the official ball of the DFFB association (German Feather Football Association).

The feather footballs in the version play fly more feather footballs are therefore suitable for the recreational sport for beginners and children over 6 years.

Each feather football is individually packed in a transport tube to protect the springs.

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