Eurotramp® Double-Mini-Tramp ULTIMATE FIG DMT 6x6


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Eurotramp® Double-Mini-Tramp ULTIMATE FIG DMT 6x6

The new, highly optimized double mini tramp of the tried and tested brand Eurotramp. Dynamic, life and safety standard of the top class. FIG certified trampoline for national and international competitions.

Product features:
- Eurotramp® Double Mini tramp Ultimate DMT 6x6
- FIG certified for national and international competitions
- 292 x 92 cm sheet with 6 x 6 mm nylon bands
- Frame: Steel tube 350 x 190 x 70 cm, galvanized
- 98 spring-loaded springs (length: 235 mm, Ø 28.5 mm) + 4 reinforced corner springs (length: 258 mm, Ø 39 mm)
- 1 pair of wheel stands
- Weight: 152 kg

An investment in dynamics, durability and safety for gymnastics on the double mini tramp.

Advantages Eurotramp Double Mini tramp ULTIMATE DMT 6x6:
- High performance springs for high performance and long life
- Optimized spring suspension
- Improved dipping depth in the middle of the duster
- Upholstery cover with padded area
- Balanced jump behavior for exceptional energy efficiency

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- 6x6 mm high-performance jumping bed
- The new frame cover with frame padding
- Optimized spring suspension
- High-performance springs for a high performance consistency
- Unique energy-efficiency for the athletes
- Optimal balanced jumping behaviour
- Competition DMT of the next World Championships and important international competitions
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