Erzi® Sports Box with Attachment

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- Chosen birch multiplex - First-class workmanship: Made in Germany

Erzi® Sports Box with Attachment Erzi

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In the children's gymnastics, this multi-sport box is a central device. With its removable lid with 4 quality swivel castors, the sports box made of wood is ideal for hanging various balancing boards on different sides and heights. This results in a maximum balance and fun - for every athlete alone and in the group!

Balance, dexterity and mobility can be promoted through play. The Sportbox is available without accessories or combined in an adventurous motion trail. A case protection is not required, supply a space-saving flat pack, with mounting instructions and hardware and complete with the additional attachment to increase the sports box and create more opportunities for saving exercise price.

Use of multifunctional sports box:
- As a standalone climbing element of wood
- Balancing boards as accessories (supports up to 100kg) can be mounted on all sides. They transform the sports box with plains and slopes to challenging exercise area for all age groups
- The lid of the box can be removed and used as a rolling board
- Provides storage space for balls or other small appliances

Special features of the sports box:

- Lacquered birch plywood
- Cover with 4 quality swivel castors available as a roller board
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 75 x 39.5 x 59 cm
- Shipping Weight: 13 kg
- Load capacity up to 140 kg
- Recommended age: 3+

Discover wood in a new way: The longevity of a natural material is the best argument

Accessories - please order:
- Balancing Pathway Set (P7708) or
- Individual balancing boards (eg balance board bubble P7714, P7713 Senso balance board)

Product Details
SKU P7732
Material Wood
Length 75.00 cm
Width 39.50 cm
Height 59.00 cm
Weight 19.24 kg