Climbing Net (without posts)

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Climbing Net (without posts)

Playground equipment for kindergarten, schoolyard or public playground. The course Haiger offers for children from 2 years following 10 - also separately available - stations to rock, balancing, climbing and swinging:

- Bow rope (item no. S4027)

- Swing seats (item S4029)

- Rope ladder (item no. S4023)

- Tires (item no. S4030.)

- Shimmy Ropes (item no. S4028.)

- Climbing net (item no. S4024)

- Rocking tube (item no. S4031)

- Rubber hammock (item no. S4025.)

- Splits Rope (item no. S4032.)

- Rope ladder rungs (type S4026.)

In this complete set the necessary 11 support posts made of galvanized steel (S4022) are also included.

The individual elements of the ropes course Haiger can be combined with each other to any size. Optimal playground equipment with low drop height of 120 cm. Lawn is therefore sufficiently suitable as fall protection. The pitch of each element is 3 m. The ropes and nets made of Hercules rope Ø 16 mm guarantee high color stability and a special abrasion resistance.
Caution: Use under the direct supervision of an adult. The element climbing net is according to DIN EN 1176.
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Package length
36 cm
Package width
36 cm
Package height
36 cm
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