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Volleyball is a famous and popular ball sports game with an old tradition and a long history. It had been invented in 1895 in the USA and had been well-known by the name "mintonette". The game had been developed with the purpose to have a ball game for leisure use, especially for older people. The game was a mixture of handball and tennis and was later in named volleyball. When playing the ball, the ball will not be catched but directly hit. This method of playing the ball is also called "volley", or to play the ball volley - and therefore the leisure ball game got its characteristic name. By the name volleyball, the ball game became famous in Europe. In 1942 it had been shown at the Olympic Games for the first time and about 20 years later there had been the first official championships. Today it is one of the famous team sports in the world such as soccer, handball and basketball. Volleyball is a famous team sport for young and for old. It is a basic team sports and the volleyball game is standard part of every schools schedule of every class level. The official court is 18 m x 9 m and in the middle it is separated by the characteristic net. 6 players of each team try to put the ball on the ground on the other side of the net. Each team is allowed to play the ball 3 times. The ball will be either set or passed. With an attack, or spike, the volleyball gets smashed over the net into the court of the other team. The ball itself is made of leather or synthetic leather. The colouring of the volleyball has to correspond to the current FIVB regulations. With a maximum pressure of about 318 hPa the ball has a good jump and a good flight. Your perfect ball can definitely be found in our broad range of volleyballs. Your ideal ball to smash and to set is waiting for you in our Kübler Sport online shop. Just take a glance in our shop and get your playing ball or methodical ball for your volleyball training in the category volleyball.

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