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Ballhalter für Gymnastikbälle

The shell is theideal complement and combination to your gymnastics ball. Thegymnastics balls are used not only as a training aid for various exercises, butcan also be used as a seat ball and seat. Ifyou use the ball as a seat, it may happen that the ball rolls off when you getup. Theball cup serves as an aid for the fixation of the gymnastics ball. Just putthe ball into the ball.

Thisthen adapts itself to the shape and does not roll away. Atthe same time, the shell provides a secure hold for the person seated and thusserves as an ideal chair replacement for the office, the school, at home or atany other location.

Product features BallBowl: 

- Ball holderfor gymnastics balls

- For gymnastics ball withmax. Diameter 95 cm

- Diameter: Ø45 cm

Thereare other accessories for gymnastics balls:

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Eigenschaften der Ballschale

- Ballhalter für Gymnastikbälle
- Für Gymnastikball mit max. Durchmesser 95 cm
- Durchmesser: Ø 45 cm

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