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Artzt vitality® Stability Trainer

When it comes to balance and coordination training, Stability Trainers are absolutely essential. These unstable surfaces can be used to create additional or specific training incentive anytime and anywhere. Made of skin-friendly and extremely lightweight PE material, ARTZT vitality® Stability Trainers are guaranteed PVC-free and feature optimum dampening characteristics as well as maximum durability. Their nearly square shape (40 cm x 50 cm) is another plus for safe, health-oriented fitness training. The medium one is used in rehabilitation and in sport-specific training. The closed cell structure of the material assures perfect hygiene during training.

Eigenschaften des Stabilitätstrainers

- Aus Spezialschaumstoff
- Farbe: Blau oder Schwarz
- Maße: 50 x 40 x 6 cm

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