Wooden Cue 100 cm

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Wooden Cue 100 cm

The billiard cue ECO made of solid hardwood is available in three lengths, it is one-piece and has a screwed tip. These simple and sturdy pool billiard cues are often used for commercial use in gas or youth facilities. Depending on the size of the premises, the shorter or longer versions of billiard cues are preferred. Product features: - One-piece cue made of solid hardwood (Ramin wood) - Screwed bean lance 12 mm - Available in lengths of 100 cm, 120 cm and 140 cm - End of the cue with rubber buffer The rubber buffers at the end of the cues spare walls and floor, as well as the billiard cue itself, when it is parked hard on the ground. In the Kübler Sport Onlineshop you will also find one-piece billiard queues made of fiberglass in the length 145 cm. In addition to complete billiard tables, you will also be supplied with numerous accessories such as billiard chalk, billiard cue wall brackets, ferules and replacement screw-on leather, billiard balls, triangles, etc.

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