Funnoodle Loopies, Tauchring, Power Slash und viele weitere Wasserspiele - Badespaß für Jung und Alt


Funnoodle, power slash and more water games - fun for every age

The funnoodle - swimming pools, pools and adventure baths cannot be imagined without them. The funny, coloured foam swim equipment has become even more popular than proven swim equipment like inflatable mattresses. The funnoodle is not only very easy to transport, the pool noodle also is very lightweight. Another advantage of the funnoodle: you do not have to inflate it. The swimming noodle can be used for playing in the water and it is also used for aqua fitness and water gymnastics and other workouts in the water. Some little accessories such as the connector can help to make the funnoodle even more interesting. With the help of the connector you can put many single pool noodles together and built up long chains or transform one swimming noodle into a ring. Besides the coloured pool noodle we also offer further equipment for playing, diving and having fun and action in the water and at the pool. Have funny and interesting games with water basketball matches or the ball bouncer. This game is played with foam clubs and a foam ball and provides lots of excitement for everybody. Further small toys and accessories also guarantee a lot of fun and action. With the power splash, playing at the beach is even more fun. Classic equipment such as neoprene balls or water balls can also be found in our online shop, as well as the latest game trends such as loopies, which can be used in the water or on the grass for maximum fun and action.

Water games and diving sets - fun and action in and under the water

Have fun in the pool or discover the underwater world of the lake with our diving sets, diving masks and several diving games. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and find a complete new world underwater. You can have interesting and exciting diving games as well: pick up a diving ring, diving frog or diving brick off the ground of the pool and become a real diver. For groups, playing with the Hüppeding is exciting.

  • Water games
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  • Diving games
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  • Hüppeding
  • Diving ring
  • Bathing tube
  • Diving sticks set
  • Diving disc
  • Diving frog
  • Diving brick
  • Flipper hoop set
  • Loopies
  • Water ball
  • Fun noodle

Kübler Sport also offers a lot of equipment and articles for swim training and swim sports. Find your perfect swimming goggles, swimming boards or fins in our online shop. And if you like to renew your swimming pool, please find the suitable equipment as well: we offer diving boards or lap counters, as well as swimming lanes and further equipment for your swimming pool.