Aquafitness - Aktives Training im kühlen Nass. Aquafitness steht für Fun, Action, Musik, gute Laune und außerdem jede Menge Sport.

Water aerobics

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Aquafitness - Aktives Training im kühlen Nass. Aquafitness steht für Fun, Action, Musik, gute Laune und außerdem jede Menge Sport.
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Aqua fitness - active training in the water

Aqua fitness is about fun, action, music, good vibes and of course a lot of sports. Training and moving in the water was firstly used for rehabilitation purposes. In wellness centres and health clinics, aqua gymnastics was performed regularly. Sports therapists and physio therapists use the natural draft of the water to softly train the muscles and to improve motion sequences absolutely joint-friendly. Moving and training in the water offers a lot of benefits: due to the considerable natural resistance of the water, even easy movements and exercises turn to be very hard. Moving inside the water is on the one hand very demanding, but at the same time it is very pleasant and joint-friendly. The load of the joints is reduced inside the water, the ligaments are preserved and also the spine is discharged. Even the tonicity is reduced inside the water. The benefits of aquatic training are obvious. This is one reason why aqua gymnastics has a lot of fans in the fitness scene. Aqua fitness is the ideal training for everybody. The exercises are performed in shallow water. A lot of training aids and equipment are used for aqua fitness. To really use the natural resistance of the water you can do your exercise with swimming gloves. The swimming gloves resemble mayapples, equipped with webbings. The aqua paddles are lifted under the water. With the help of aqua noodles, aqua tubes and other equipment specially designed for water training, aqua fitness is a workout for the entire body. You can feel your entire body while training and acting inside the water. And if doing workout exercises inside the water does not satisfy you, why don't you try some jogging in the pool? Aqua jogging is performed in deep water. You are equipped with a swim belt while doing aqua jogging. The training is very joint-friendly. With the help of the small, green Brasils by Togu, cardio training is very funny and effective. Find the perfect equipment for your aqua jogging exercise and aqua fitness in our online shop.

Aqua cycling and aqua step - get out of the fitness centre and into the swimming pool

Aqua step and aqua cycling - yes really! So far, you know all this from fitness centres, but now you can have fun inside the water as well. Together in groups, biking inside the water is a lot of fun. With the help of music and the motivation of the instructor you can have good cardio training in the pool on aqua bikes. Aqua bikes are made of steel and can be used in pools with a depth of 125 - 165 cm. Due to the high resistance of the water, cycling gets real tough. And if cycling is not enough, why don't you try a training exercise on a treadmill, trampoline or aqua step inside the water? Accompanied by good music, you step up and down the step board and learn some easy choreography step by step. Of course, the speed is inside the water lower than you know it from real step aerobics classes in the fitness centres. The aqua step, or step board, is similar to the step board used in fitness centres. To keep the aqua step on the ground of the pool, the board is heavier; the total weight of the board is 13 kg. Are you interested? If you like to get into the water quickly now, have a close look at our online shop and find the adequate equipment for your aqua fitness workout.

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You already finished your workout? Just take a break and enjoy the water or have some fun inside the water with funnoodles, diving masks and snorkels.