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Swimming zones or individual areas in the swimming pool are separated from each other by swimming lanes, also called separation lines. With swimming lanes and swimming accessories, e.g. a reel wagon, order and security are ensured in the water. Whether competition or training, beginner or professional, at Kübler Sport you will find swimming lanes and accessories for every need. Order easily online!

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Swimming lanes in water sports - high-quality separating lines for swimming pools and open water

What are swimming lanes?

Swimming lanes have their permanent place of use in every swimming pool or swimming lake. Lanes in the water or individual areas in the swimming pool are separated from each other by swimming lanes with buoyancy. The ropes not only ensure order, but also security. For example, the lines separate the swimmer area from the non-swimmer area or serve as a separating line or sorting between jumping and swimming areas. This prevents them from swimming or generally water sports, among other things. Collisions. The lines are mandatory in competition and ensure optimal competition conditions.

Swimming lane according to FINA regulations - what should the lines look like?

Competition lines must comply with the FINA regulation. In our online shop, however, all swimming lanes comply with the FINA regulation. Among other things, the regulation lays down It is certain that the lines are anchored to the pool wall or on the pool head and that the swimming lanes consist of tensile, non-stretching tensioning rope, as well as tightly lined up, wave-breaking floating bodies with buoyancy and turnbuckles at the ends of the lines. The floats of the swimming lanes must rise clearly out of the water surface along the entire length of the web and therefore have good buoyancy. For every swimming lane, the floating bodies must be completely red for the last 5 m in front of each end wall.

Buy swimming lanes

Regardless of whether it is a competition line or a training line, they are available in different colors, materials, lengths and designs. In the case of competition lines, you must note that they comply with the FINA regulations. All competition swimming lines in our online shop comply with the FINA regulation, which is also marked in the shop. Swimming lanes are also available in the standard color combination. As a standard, the swimming lanes mostly consist of floating bodies in the form of balls, all of which have the same diameter and are attached to the separation line at a constant distance. The balls are mostly made of polypropylene. The standard swimming lanes according to the FINA regulation are designed in:

  • End of the swimming lane: 5 m the color red
  • Middle part: the color blue and white alternately

The floats on all lines are robust, floatable and have buoyancy in any body of water, making them always visible.

Swimming lane accessories: the reel wagon

Of course you will also find the right accessories for swimming lanes from us. For example, various reel trolleys are available in our online shop. With the reel on the wagon, the swimming lane can be rolled up comfortably and easily when not in use. The reel trolley is made of aluminum and is suitable for storing every type of swimming line. The trolley is equipped with rubber rollers, which means that you can easily push it to the place of use. The unwinding and rolling up of the swimming lane with the reel also works very easily and effortlessly. In addition to reel trolleys, you will find competent advice and more in our online shop. these other products:

  • Ground sleeves
  • Railway counter
  • False start rope
  • Quick releases and turnbuckles
  • Edge protection for swimming lanes

Choose the right training line or competition line and make every athlete or recreational swimmer happy. You will definitely find what you are looking for in our range with different designs and at attractive prices!