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Baby & Children

Swimming aids and co. - Our broad range of products for little bathers

With swimming aids and water wings even the smallest bathers can have a lot of fun and joy inside the water. With the help of swimming aids, children get to know the element water and grow familiar with moving and acting inside the water. While playing in the children's pool or while trying to learn swimming, the water wings and swimmies provide security and the feeling of being safe. Equipped with a swimming vest, children can enjoy the water at almost every age. With a swimming vest, children are perfectly equipped for having a boat trip on the lake or river. To protect the hair, we also offer a broad range of different swim caps. Whether monochrome, colourful or with funny animal prints, you will definitely find the adequate swim cap for you or for your children.

Swimming aids - the conventional vs. the new models

Conventional swimming aids are orange and are inflated through a small valve. There are put on the child’s arms, who are then able to move freely inside the water without drowning. This version of swimming aid is well-known. But nowadays, there are some new models of swimming aids and swimmies. You can now also have swim rings made of sturdy foam or plastic, the so called swim discs, or swim collars and also entire swimming vests. You will find the adequate swim aid for every purpose and for every child in our online shop. You can also find the original schlori swimming pillow. With the pillow, the arms of the swimmer can be moved freely.

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Moving, playing, diving, snorkelling or even playing water polo professionally: We offer the adequate equipment for your water polo game. Find the perfect equipment for your fitness training inside the water, for aqua fitness, aqua jogging and more, in our online shop.