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Varussell - The ideal balance device for training the sense of balance. The hub combines training and movement and is great fun for all ages.

The basic device is easy to set up and ready for use without additional tools. In the basic version, the smooth-running turntable is set in motion by weight shifting and controlled. The included anti-slip mat ensures a secure hold on the writing.

- Self-control through weight transfer
- Adjustable inclination up to max. 10 degrees
- Incl. Anti-slip mat

Use in psychomotor, therapy and play
The Varussell addresses the sense of balance, movement and control. As a result, the balance device with its exercises has a high therapeutic benefit. Coupled with fun and enjoyment of exercise, the exercises with the device are ideal for children over 3 years. Through various accessories, such as the lying board, also partner exercises and exercises with adults are possible. The Varussell can be loaded up to a maximum of 120 kg. The Motorikgerät can be used in kindergarten, at school and in many other facilities.

Controlling the difficulty
If the simple turning is no longer sufficient, then you have the opportunity to adjust the coordination device. The tilt can be adjusted degrees by degrees, making it difficult to balance. The inclination can be adjusted up to a maximum of 10 degrees.

- Load capacity up to 120 kg
- Inclination adjustable up to a maximum of 10 degrees
- Dimensions: (ø x H) 40 x 20 cm

Various accessories for maximum variety
For the use of several people we recommend the couch or the magnifying glass with 60 cm. If you attach the 60 cm disc to the top of the device, 2 children can sit on the device. The mounting below the Varussell we recommend in conjunction with the lying board as a tilt protection.
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