Universal Palm Guards Size 0

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Universal Palm Guards Size 0

Reisport palm guards in the 2-hole version of robust leather with buckle closure. The straps are available in different sizes (for size determination see below). Product features: - Hand protection universal with buckle strap - 2-hole design - Size 0 - Material: leather - Delivery in pairs - Available in size 0, 1, 2 and 3 The standard straps protect hands during gymnastics on the spars, e.g. On the bar or on the bar. How is the correct size determined? Measure from the first skin fold of the wrist to the beginning of the middle finger. 6,0 cm -> size 0, art. G3474 7.5 cm -> size 1, art. G3475 9,0 cm -> size 2, art. G3476 10.5 cm -> size 3, art. G3477 In the Kübler Sport® Online Shop you will find additional hand protection - with and without 2-hole or 3-hole rollers - for gymnastics on bars and bars. For extra padding a band of sweat (G3374, G3375) is often worn under the straps on the wrist.

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SKU G3474
Material Leather