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Vibrating Fascia Rolls & Tools

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The fascia training reaches a new level with a vibrating fascia roller. The vibrating fascia roll can be used for self-massage as well as for treatment by a therapist. We have a large selection of different vibrating fascia rolls in different surfaces and sizes (lengths). Discover the right vibrating Blackroll now and order this power roll with deep vibration at a great price easily online in our shop.

  1. Flow® MINI Massage Gun
    Flow® MINI Massage Gun
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  2. Flow Pro One Massage Gun
    Flow Pro One Massage Gun
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  3. Blackroll® Booster
    Blackroll® Booster
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High quality & robust vibrating fascia rolls

What are fascia?

Fascia are part of the connective tissue of the human body and a three-dimensional tissue. The fascia envelop all muscles and organs and keep them in shape. The fascia or the fascia tissue form their own organ system and not only keep everything in shape, but connect everything with everything and form muscle chains, so-called myofascial structures. Fascia tissue can twist, harden or stick due to incorrect loading, lack of movement or incorrect positioning. This may result in muscle tension (trigger points) on body regions such as the neck, neck, shoulder, back or legs. These can radiate to other parts of the body or lead to movement restrictions. A fascia training or fascia treatment can release these muscle tensions or trigger points, keeps the connective tissue soft and elastic, combats pain at the trigger points and increases the flexibility of the muscles. It is precisely this fascia therapy that uses the so-called fascia tools, as well as fascia trainers (fascia ball, foam roller (fascia roller) from Blackroll etc.). The fascia trainers also include the vibrating fascia rollers, the power rollers with deep vibration.


What are vibrating fascia rolls?

A vibrating fascia roll or a vibrating blackroll is basically nothing more than a conventional roll for loosening bonds (e.g. after training). However, there is a vibrator in the core of the vibrating roller, which due to its high-frequency vibrations (high frequency range, as well as different frequency ranges or levels) and the resulting vibrations, can occasionally release muscle tension or tension of muscle groups, as well as fascia bonds (deep vibration). The vibration roller creates a significantly more intensive massage effect. Due to the different levels or intensity levels, the vibrations can also stimulate very deep or deep tissue layers in order to loosen the deep muscle tissue and fascia tissue in the same way and to create a multi-dimensional vibration massage. As a result, muscles (even deep-seated ones) regenerate much more quickly after treatment with a vibrating blackroll, which makes the massage roller ideal for regeneration after sport training, for massage or for therapeutic treatment. Can be combined with various products (e.g. a booster) from fascia training.


Buying a vibrating fascia roll

The vibrating fascia rolls are characterized by the following advantages and properties:


  • Ideally suited for therapeutic & sporty fascia training
  • Versatile use and exercises are possible with the massage roller
  • Variable use of the vibration core
  • Available in combination with other fascia trainers
  • Vibrating Blackroll is Made in Germany
  • Different intensities or intensity levels (hardness of the massage) of the vibration
  • Can not only be used as a massage device (massage effect), but also as an effective training device for strengthening muscles and stimulating blood circulation
  • Excellent massage effect and very good effect on all parts of the body (also good for the prank receptors)
  • The foam rolls are available in different sizes (slim), diameters and weights
  • Different surfaces
  • Long-lasting battery with charger