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Punctual massage with negative pressure - with the fascia cups it is possible. The selective negative pressure of the fascia cups during the treatment or during the massage creates space in the tissue and expands the fascial structures. The fascia therapy with the fascia cups is particularly good for releasing blockages, fighting back pain and stimulating the lymphatic flow. This technique helps, especially in combination with fascia rolls, for numerous complaints. With us you will find numerous fascia cups in different sizes, colors and from well-known manufacturers or brands, such as Bellabambi. Discover now and simply order the matching Faszien Cup online!

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High-quality & practical fascia cups for optimal fascia training

What is/are fascia?

Fascia are part of the connective tissue of the human body and a three-dimensional tissue. The fascia envelops all muscles and organs and keep them in shape. The fascia or the fascia tissue forms its own organ system and not only keep everything in shape, but connect everything with everything and form muscle chains, so-called myofascial structures. Fascia tissue can twist, harden or stick due to incorrect loading, lack of movement or incorrect positioning. This may result in muscle tension on the neck, shoulder, back or legs. A fascia training or therapy of the fascia can relieve this muscle tension, keeps the connective tissue soft and elastic, combats pain and increases the flexibility of the muscles. It is precisely in this fascia therapy that the so-called fascia trainers are used, such as fascia cups, fascia rollers or fascia balls.


What are fascia cups?

Fascia cups have a bell-shaped shape and create a selective negative pressure on the tissue or fascia when applied to the skin. Cupping is becoming increasingly popular in the entire medicine and therapy area. The tissue or skin is put under tension at certain points. The negative pressure creates space in the tissue, expands the fascial structures and promotes blood circulation and lymph flow. As a result, the exchange of substances during therapy is promoted, since the supply systems are also activated. The fascia cups are not only good for fascia training or fascia treatment, but also ideal for scar treatment and better blood circulation there. Treatment with fascia cups (method) can be compared to cupping or cupping therapy. Because when cupping with the cupping heads or cupping glasses in cupping therapy, a negative pressure is also selectively applied to a certain area of the skin. In addition, cupping with the fascia cups can relieve pain and relieve or relieve tension in the patient. Complaints on the entire body, including back problems, can be treated with cupping. With the suction cup method you can:

  • Stretching: improves the mechanical properties of the fascia (better suppleness)
  • Feathers: Increases the elastic storage capacity
  • Revive: Regenerates the tissue and loosens the fascia through fluid exchange (better suppleness)
  • Feel: stimulates the sense of movement and depth sensitivity


What distinguishes the fascia cups?

The fascia cups in our range are all characterized by the following properties and advantages:

  • Biocompatible silicone and dermatologically safe silicone
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Without microplastic
  • Peeling edge
  • Different intensities
  • Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to clean (in the dishwasher or by hand)
  • Increases the Scher-effect (the shearin effect increases the micro blood flow and stimulates the receptors)


What is the meaning of the colours of the fascia cup?

Each colour and diameter of the suction cups represents a certain strength or intensity during the treatment. You can assign the colours to the following strengths:

  • yellow - light (on sensitive parts of the body)
  • orange - medium (universal application from head to toe)
  • blue - medium strong (universal application from head to toe, but stronger than the "golden middle")
  • red - strong (on areas of the body that are not sensitive to pain, promises vigorous application & intensive stimuli to the tissue


How do I find the right fascia cup?

When buying a fascia cup, you should choose the size or diameter according to the body area where you want to apply the cup. Then choose the intensity, depending on how sensitive the area of the body or area to be treated is. For example, the neck is more sensitive than the sole of the foot or an infant is more sensitive than an adult. In our shop there is a large selection of different fascia cups from well-known brands, such as Bellabambi, available. This technique from Faszio Cupping is not only suitable for therapists, but also for self-treatment on your own body. A combination of the different methods (cupping, fascia roll, fascia cups etc.) is particularly good. Because then all blocks can be released with great certainty. With us you will definitely find the right fascia cup! Do something good for your body in fascia therapy or fascia treatment with the fascia cups.