Teamsports Equipment - Training requirements, referee accessories, training equipment for soccer, handball, basketball etc.


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Team sport equipment for training and competition of your team: balls and other training accessories
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Team sports equipment for club, school and recreational sports

Football, basketball, handball or volleyball - the action-packed game and the complex requirements of the conditional abilities characterize team sports. Coordinatively demanding techniques on the ball and tactical challenges are required in team sports of all kinds. In order to optimally train the multifaceted demands of your team sport, Kübler Sport offers you the right team sport equipment and team sport accessories for you: from the football goal to the basketball hoop, handball goal, to the volleyball net. You can buy your team sport needs in the Kübler Sport Onlineshop.

You can buy a new football goal with just one "click". From the football goal with standard size 7.32 x 2.44 m, over the small field goal with 3 x 2 m dimension, up to the soccer youth goal with 5 x 2 m, in our online shop for each place the right football gate can be found. Of course, we also have the matching goal nets and ground sleeves for the football goals.

Team sports handball, basketball or volleyball

You can buy team sport handball conveniently in our online shop: from the standard handball goal to the mini handball goal, as well as the matching goal net for the handball goal. You can also buy basketball baskets in the Kübler Sport Teamsportbedarf Shop. From simple basketball hoops to professional basketball equipment, we are happy to equip your hall. For outdoor and recreational games, we also carry outdoor basketball baskets and streetball equipment.
Kübler Sport supports your team sport training with high-quality team sports equipment and team sport accessories. That's why you will not only find gates and nets here. We have the latest training equipment for coordination training, speed training, strength training and individual technical training for football, basketball and volleyball. With the help of the coordination ladder, e.g. Speed and coordination are promoted and the eye-leg coordination are trained.

At Kübler Sport you will find high-quality team sports equipment for every team sport

The Kübler Sport Teamsport equipment includes all sports equipment and accessories, which are important for the optimal performance of individual team sports. In addition to various football goal models, handball goals and basketball baskets for the big, well-known team sports, you will also find the matching team sports equipment for the lesser-known team sports, the leisure and outdoor area. Find your ideal beach volleyball and beach volleyball net. Beach games provide a lot of fun on the beach. Somewhat harder as in badminton is about American football. You will find the best rubgy ball and balls for American football in our category American Football and Rugby. A real leisure trend is also Kin Ball. The Kin Ball game requires team spirit, speed, power and skill. Kin Ball is also popular in school sports. You only need a special ball for Kin Ball.
Not only players need to be well-equipped for their match, the referee also needs equipment. Referee requirements and referee equipment such as whistle, flag and scoreboards can also be found in our shop. Other team sports equipment such as marker shirts, party bands and armbands also buy online. You will also receive medals and certificates from Kübler Sport. And if it was not enough to win, then you can buy in our online shop your personal trophy.

Take a look in our Team Sports section, where you will surely find the right team sport equipment, team sport accessories, football accessories and basketball equipment. For all club and Freizeitvolleyballer we have everything for your volleyball needs.