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Mobile Basketballanlage mit komfortabler Höhenverstellung

Leisure street basketball unit for outdoor use. Complete basketball system with backboard 112 x 73 cm made of recyclable plastic, a solid standard basketball hoop made of steel and a basketball net from weather resistant nylon. The streeball unit is adjustable in height by simple operation from 210 cm ring height up to 305 cm. The mobile stand base is to fill with water or sand, so that the streetball unit is particularly stable.

Product features:
- Detached, mobile streetball unit
- Basketball backboard made of plastic, 112 x 73 cm
- Standard basketball hoop with basketball net made from weatherproof nylon
- Ring height from 210 cm up to 305 cm adjustable
- 3 pcs. shaft made of powder coated steel (Ø 9.5 cm)
- Max. total height about 370 cm
- Weight 48 kg

The Streetball unit has a mobile base and can be filled with water or sand base. The round, 3-compartment shaft of powder-coated steel gives the Streetball unit the necessary stability. The extensions of the basketball system provide the necessary distance to the base and allow height adjustment.

Eigenschaften der Basketballanlage

- Freistehende, fahrbare Streetballanlage
- Basketball Zielbrett aus Kunststoff, 112 x 73 cm
- Standard Basketballkorb mit wetterfestem Basketballnetz aus Nylon
- Korbhöhe von 210 bis 305 cm verstellbar
- 3-tlg. Schaft aus pulverbeschichtetem Stahl (Ø 9,5 cm)
- Max. Gesamthöhe ca. 370 cm
- Gewicht ca. 48 kg
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112 cm
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