Stramatel® Scoreboard 452 MB 3004


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Stramatel® Scoreboard 452 MB 3004

The electronic scoreboard of the Pro Series Stramatel® - suitable for all sports with a special display for handball penalties and player numbers

Stramatel uses its latest electronic processes for this microprocessor controlled electronic scoreboard system. The built-in clock shows the time when it is not for a game. Supplied with a 25 m mains cable, control desk and charger. Programmable Functions of the scoreboard: timing can be done backwards and forwards, time-outs, scores , games, sets, side of service, acoustic signal, manual or automatic. Programmable for 14 different sports with memorization and short-listing of the settings in each sport: badminton, basketball, indoor soccer, handball, tennis, table tennis, indoor hockey, volleyball and more. Complete with control panel, manual panel start and stop of the chronometer. Transportation case for the control panel and manual panel. Battery charger for the operate panel. Scoreboard with integrated acoustic signal, radio remote control. With USB-port for simple and cheap programme updates. Weight 64 kg.


- Size: B190 x H200 x T9 cm

- Weight: 64 kg

- Visibility: 160 m

- Viewing Angle: 110 °

- LED Light Bulbs

This is included with the scoreboard:

- Switchboards with transport cases

- Battery Chargers (radio-controlled models)

- Power cord

- Installation and Operating Instructions

Models of these scoreboards are with radio control or cable control available (please specify when ordering)
Perfect for Handball! Multisport scoreboard with special display for 3 handball penalty times and player numbers per team. Height of numerals 25, 20 und 16 cm, visible up to approx. 110 m.
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