Spieth® VARIO Balance Beam MAXI width 20 cm


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Spieth® VARIO Balance Beam MAXI width 20 cm

The SPIETH® balance beam CLUB MAXI is the training beam with a 20 cm wide tread. The soft padding makes it ideal for learning new elements.

Product features:
- SPIETH® suspension beam CLUB MAXI
- Soft training bar with a 20 cm wide tread
- length: 500 cm, width: 20 cm
- Easy height adjustment by gas springs from 50 - 130 cm
The SPIETH® suspension beam CLUB MAXI is ideally suited for the suspension beam training.

Advantages SPIETH® balance beam CLUB MAXI:
The 20 cm wide tread makes balancing easier, especially when learning new elements. The soft padding allows for high training. The height adjustment of the substructure is carried out using Servo lift gas springs from 90 to 130 cm. The inclined feet do not have to be moved, but remain in the same position. Due to the adjustability up to 130 cm, soft floor mats can also be used as fall protection during training.
Height adjustment 50-130 cm (up to 90 cm in 10 cm stages, from 90 cm in 5 cm stages)
Dimensions: Length of the beam 500 cm, width of framework 122 cm, diameter 8 cm
Material: The beam consists of torsion-free aluminium section with soft surface layer and synthetic leather cover
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