SPIETH® Uneven Bars "Bern"


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SPIETH® Uneven Bars "Bern"

The new SPIETH® branded bar with FIG certificate. The successor model of the uneven bars “Dortmund” has been optimized several times and offers many advantages.

Product features Uneven Bars “Bern” by SPIETH®:
- FIG certified, suitable for the competition
- Original Reuther
- Round, shatter-proof, wood-sheathed glass fibre brace "Carboflex"
- Patented double bracing with two safety wedge tensioners for fine adjustment
- Height adjustments on the lower spar: 150 - 200 cm
- Height adjustments on the upper spar: 230 - 280 cm
- Adjustable distance between the upper and lower spar: 110 - 185 cm

Advantages SPIETH bar Bern:

- The reinforcement of the metal in the stand and adjustment tube leads to an increased stability of the stepped bar.

- The additional extension of the adjustment tubes causes them to extend beyond the width adjustment inside the standpipe. The upright of the upper spar has also been extended by 15 cm, the lower spar by 10 cm. Thus, overstretching and thus bending of the standpipes is prevented.

- 4 holes are always visible on both spars, allowing fast control and misunderstandings during the construction of the unit.

- Since the bracing of the stepped bar Bern corresponds to that of a stretch, no tension force testers are necessary. The fine adjustment is achieved by means of the wedge slide valves.

- The device is centred with the bracing points in the ground. This leads to an even distribution of the dynamics.

- The use of safety nuts when attaching the handles to the width adjustment results in increased safety and longevity.

- Due to the improved technical processing of the veneer at the spars, these are more durable with consistently high quality.
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