Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS-Mini Horizontal Bars 160 - 180 cm


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Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS-Mini Horizontal Bars 160 - 180 cm

The Mini Horizontal Bars of the brand Spieth Gymnastics is a child-friendly stretch for hanging, swinging, climbing and gymnastics. The rack is height-adjustable and can be combined with other Just for Kids devices.
Product features:
- SPIETH® Mini Horizontal Bars, Just For Kids
- Easy height adjustment from 160 - 180 cm in steps
- GRP reinforced barren, 160 cm
- Can be combined with other Just For Kids (jfk) devices
- Up to 40 kg body weight
- Please order rolling device separately, art. G8771
more features:
- 2 floor stands, each 2 m long
- Adaptation for base frame with clamping device
- Width: 170 cm
- footprint (length x width): approx. 200 x 170 cm
- Silver
- Abrasion resistant, non-dyed floor coverings
- Weight: 48 kg
The "Just for Kids" series of mini-bars is purposefully designed for child-oriented training in art-gymnastic devices. The Mini Horizontal Bar is characterized by a stable basic construction and easy handling. The modular series Just for Kids allows a diverse combination for ever new sporting challenges.
Advantages Mini Horizontal Bars:
Easy height adjustment.
The adjustability can be made in 5 steps by means of snap-in holes, whereby the inner telescopic tube is easy to adjust.
Stable GRP spar. The high-quality spar is made of wood-sheathed laminated wood with a super-stable GRP insert, offering increased stability and safety. The characteristics of the Spieth Mini Horizontal Bars are precisely adapted to the needs of the modern children’s-house for the training in the athletic club as well as the Gymn at school. Suitable for a body weight of 40 kg.
As an accessory, we recommend the Just For Kids combi-mat, art. G8797, which combines the advantages of a low-levelling mat and a soft floor mat.


- 2 Tubular steel base consoles 80 x 60 x 2 mm, length 195 cm
- 1 Upright Section with integral height adjuster and clamping
- High inner adjusting tubes, galvanized, with snap in holes at 50 mm distance
-1 Fiberglass bar, wood-veneered, with rubber end caps
Product information
Package length
255 cm
Package width
40 cm
Package height
16 cm
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