Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS-Mini Asymmetric Bars


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Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS-Mini Asymmetric Bars

The Mini Asymmetric Bars bar of the "Just for Kids" series allows the child to perform gymnastics on a stepped bar. The easy handling, the high-quality workmanship and the many possibilities of use make the gym equally popular with children as well as coaches and sports instructors.
Product features:
- SPIETH® mini-step bars, Just for Kids
- Easy height adjustment from 85 - 125 cm (lower spar), 160 - 180 cm (upper spar)
- 2 spars 160 cm long
- Suitable for up to 40 kg body weight
- Can be combined with other JFK (Just for Kids) devices
- Please order rolling device (item G8771) and mat (item G8797) separately
more features:
- Dimensions Base frame: 200 x 170 cm
- Weight: 60 kg
- Silver
- Clamping device for possible attachment to the base frame
- Non-colouring foot pads
- Wood-sheathed GRP-bars
The Spieth® children's stepped bar belongs to the "Just For Kids" family and represents a consequent further development for children's huts. The modular series can be combined in a variety of ways and offers an ideal entry into the art world. In the Kübler Sport® Online Shop you will find many more gymnastics such as mini asymmetric bars, mini-bars or mini-rings. All four modules are also available as a set in the four-station frame (item G8782).


- 2 Tubular Steel Base Consoles 80 x 60 x 2 mm, Length 195 cm
- 2 Upright Sections with integral height adjuster and clamping
- High inner and lower adjusting tubes, galvanized, with snap-in holes at 50 mm distance
- 2 Fiberglass rails, wood-veneered, with rubber end caps
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