Soccer Goal Net black/white

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Two-coloured goal nets, diagonal colour pattern, 4 mm thickness, square meshs 120 mm

Soccer Goal Net black/white

The football goal nets with the size 7,50 x 2,50 m (Great field goals 7, 32 x 2,44 m) are designed for a goal depth of 80 cm on top and 200 cm on bottom. This applies for some goals in ground sleeves and some transportable Training goals. The nets have a diagonal, two-coloured pattern and are available in the following colour combinations: green and white: item F1300, blue and white: F130, red and white: item F1302, blue and yellow: item F1303, black and red: item F1306. The goal nets are made of Polypropylen and have a material thickness of 4 mm, with a aquare mesh of 120 mm. The high net quality and the evenly meshwork of 120 mm. The high quality of the nets combines a high durability with an appealing look.

Polypropylene 4 mm, in your club colour. Very robust and quality value for money.

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SKU F1304
Material Polypropylene
Weight 6.75 kg