Slackline-Set AIR I

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Slackline-Set AIR I

Slackline Kits for indoor and outdoor use! The slackline posts made of galvanized steel are suitable for use in the gym as well as outdoors, where suitable trees or posts are available. The posts are provided with eyelets. The 45 mm wide slackline other hand, is equipped with two ratchets for engagement with the eyelets. So is playing a simple construction and a perfectly horizontally aligned slackline guaranteed.


- 2 posts made of galvanized steel with eyelets

- Slackline 45 mm wide, 13 m long with 2 ratchets for latching

- With 2 ratchet padding

- Includes assembly instructions

- Including transport and storage bag
Posts of 80 x 80 mm steel profile, about 105 cm long, each with a loop for hanging the two clip ratchets. Slackline 13 m long and 45 mm wide in an attractive and appealing design. Stop height approx 60 cm.
The posts can be set in ground sockets. However, a prerequisite must be that the sleeves were installed professionally in accordance with DIN 18032. However, the slackline posts can be concreted without sleeves. The set complies with DIN 79400.
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