Fußballkasten, Tischkicker und Tischkickerbälle - Neben Dart und Billard eine weiteres bekanntes Tischspiel

Tabletop Football

Tabletop football - another popular table game besides darts and billiard

Table football is one of the most famous and most popular leisure games besides darts and billiard. Table football tables are already part of the standard furniture in youth clubs and club houses. But table football can also be found in cafés, bars and pubs. To play an exciting match of the funny soccer game in small size, you only need two players. There are only a few rules and regulations for table football. Every player tries to shoot the ball in the opponents’ goal, like in real soccer games. It is also not allowed to touch the ball with the hand while playing table football. Spinning and twisting the hand gears is actually not allowed, but sometimes the players agree upon allowing it. With regular tables, you can have exciting and funny matches just one-to-one and with the table football XXL, even 8 people can take part in interesting soccer games. The football tables provide a lot of fun and action for your leisure time, for your youth club, your sports club house or at any other facility. Of course, table football can also be used in restaurants, pubs and schools. You can choose between a broad range of different models: for indoor use or outdoor use, with or without coin slot. At Kübler Sport you can find high-quality table football tables for every purpose. Additionally, we offer the adequate equipment for all the tables. And if you like to try a match of ice hockey in small size, then our air hockey game set is perfect for you. Whether table football or air hockey, in our online shop you will find the adequate equipment for your leisure time.

Table football – huge fun for indoor and outdoor games

Table football tables for every location and every purpose can be found in our online shop. Not only indoors table football tables guarantee lots of fun, also outdoors a table football match is exciting. Play together with 2, 4 or even 8 people. Choose your adequate indoor table football tables or outdoor table football tables in our online shop.

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If you are already the champion of every table football match, have a shot in a real match in the grass! In our category team sports you can find the equipment for a real soccer game! Further leisure games and rebound games such as indiaca also provide a lot of fun and action for your leisure time.