Gesellschaftsspiele und Geschicklichkeitsspiele - Spielerisches Training der Koordination und Feinmotorik

Table Games

Table games offer fun and action for any age

Table games: Small, simple and funny games turn every room, every house and every other place into an entertaining place. Together with friends or with the family you can pass hours while playing funny little table games. Table games are also perfect equipment for kindergartens and schools: you can play on your own as well as in teams and together with some other people. In every way, there will be a lot of fun, action and entertainment. Children and teenagers get to know different patterns of group behaviour and rolls in the group. These important characteristics are formative and will accompany children for their entire life.

Board games and coordination games - playful improvement of coordinative skills

The games can not only improve the sense of behaviour in groups but also motoric skills. The various games are highly suitable to improve coordination skills, concentration and fine motoric skills. For the small pocket games, where you have to guide and balance a ball all the way through a course and into a goal, it is necessary to have really good coordinative skills. These small games are also ideal to take them with you when you go on holiday. Due to the small size they fit in every suitcase or bag.

  • Pocket balancing game
  • Marble bear maze
  • Ghosts board

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