Indiaca, Fussballtennis und Speckbrett - Klassische und neuartige Rückschlagspiele sorgen für jede Menge Bewegung

Rebound Games

Indiaca and feather football - standard and new rebound games provide a lot of fun

Indiaca and lots of more rebound games can be used everywhere, they are all very easy to transport and all of them guarantee a lot of fun and joy while playing. The rebound games at Kübler Sport offer an almost endless variety of different games and ways to use the equipment. Play the funny games in the park, in the garden or at schools sports lessons in the gym: indiaca, feather football or badminton can be played at any place you want. You do not need a lot of stuff and equipment to start playing. For indiaca, you only need the specific indiaca ball, a small feather equipped with a little pillow. Indiaca has been developed in South America; the native people played the funny game with the feather. Today indiaca is not only a leisure sports game, indiaca is also an official team sports just like other team sports disciplines as for example volleyball. With the indiaca, you will have exciting matches and funny games in groups or just 1:1. You can not only find the indiaca ball itself in our online shop, we also offer the adequate net system and other accessories you will need for the game. Find the suitable net in our broad range of products, as well as the net posts. If you are interested in some more rebound games, just have a look in our online shop. We offer the adequate indoor and outdoor rebound game for everybody, young and old: for the very young and for teenagers we offer popular games like Ogo Sport, Beach-Ball or the Trampolino game. Find the latest equipment, games and accessories in our online shop.

Feather football, cesta and mini-fling - The latest game trends provide extra fun

Feather football is one of the latest rebound and leisure sports trends. For feather football you just need a feather football ball and you can start to play. The ball for feather football is kind of similar to the ball used for indiaca. The feather football ball is also made of a feather and a small pillow. You need two players and maybe a net. The ball may not drop on the ground; the two players have to hit the ball with their feet only. This tennis variation is very funny. Feather football is also used in other team sports and serious sports. The funny game with the feather is a real alternation in the strict training schedule of soccer players. Tennis players also play the game in their training from time to time. Besides feather football, you can find many more rebound games in our online shop. Try for example cesta, mono-fling or lagoon. Cesta is a nice game with two rackets looking like scoops. With the help of the two scoops you have to pass a ball. For Mono-Fling you do not need any rackets. The ball is caught and thrown with the help of a small net instead. Find more ideas for interesting and exciting games in our online shop or have fun while playing the classics like badminton and tennis paddle.

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