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Leisure Games

Leisure games and leisure trends - high fun with Kübler Sport

Leisure games: Playing with friends, with the family or playing together in groups, playing together and having a lot of fun is the aim of every leisure sports game. The games are very easy in most cases and most of the leisure games are self-explanatory anyway. With a lot of easy and funny games to romp around, move and have fun with indoor and outdoor, the range of Kübler Sport products will fascinate you. The various games are designed for everybody and offer a broad diversity of different possibilities to play. Discover and develop new games together and combine leisure game trends. With the help of the earth ball, the parachute and other accessories and equipment you will have a lot of options to play together in groups and no sports lesson will be boring again. The coloured, large parachute can be used in sports clubs, especially in sports lessons for very young children. The so called parachute journey will not only fascinate the little children. In groups of teenagers or adults the parachute can be used to improve social skills, such as team spirit. With the leisure trends of Kübler Sport the youngest and also the older ones have a lot of fun.

On the beach or in the gym - we have the adequate sports equipment

You can find the adequate leisure game equipment and accessories for every location and every terrain at Kübler Sport. For the gym, for the kindergarten or for the school yard, the games can be played everywhere. On the beach or at the swimming pool the leisure sports game beach-ball is one of the real classics. This outdoor game is played with two rackets and a ball and is a popular leisure sports game that is a lot of fun. If you like games without rackets you should try the Waboba ball. The new Waboba balls are extremely lightweight and have a good jump. In our online shop you can find different versions of the ball and you can also choose from different sizes. The ball is the absolute all-round sports equipment and can be used everywhere and for every game. For beach-soccer or beach-volleyball, in the water or for games in the street - the ball offers a lot of possibilities and fun for every leisure game.

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  • Earth ball
  • Arched ladder set
  • Giant air balloon
  • Beach-ball
  • Summerski
  • Mega match
  • Parachute
  • Waboba ball
  • Super-mach 4
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