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Educational Games

Educational games - get to know rules and regulations in a playful way

Educational games should teach children how to handle rules and regulations. Instructions and regulations can be found everywhere in everyday life, on the road while driving the car, at school and in many more areas of life. With the help of educational games children get in contact with the rules and experience learning without any pressure. Motivate your children or teenagers and try to create a playful setting. The traffic signs show familiar signs and can be used outdoor and indoor, wherever you need them. You can put up a realistic course outdoors or in a gym and the children can ride bikes or other kids’ vehicles and try to get along on the traffic signs course. With the help of educational games by Kübler Sport you have endless possibilities to play and have fun while learning.

Road safety education and traffic signs - get ready for your bicycle driving license with Kübler Sport

Traffic signs and educational traffic signs by Kübler Sport support your road safety training. With the help of educational traffic signs suitable for the gym or the drivers training area you are perfectly prepared. The traffic signs are the perfect equipment to learn international traffic regulations. Just use the educational equipment to prepare your pupils or children for the bicycle driving license, for example. In our broad range of products you will find the adequate equipment for your ideas.

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Kids’ vehicles to drive in the traffic signs course can be found in our broad product range; just have a look in our online shop.