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Speedminton is a fast-paced game of backlash in wind and weather and is becoming increasingly popular. So that you always have enough rackets and balls for all children at school, in the club or in your free time, you will find numerous speedminton sets with us. These Speedminton sets are available in different versions and are characterized by high quality & robustness. Discover our Speedminton sets from well-known manufacturers now and have a lot of fun with the Speedminton game.

  1. Speedminton® FUN-Set
    Speedminton® FUN-Set
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  2. Speedminton® Set S600
    Speedminton® Set S600
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  3. Speedminton® Set SCHOOL
    Speedminton® Set SCHOOL
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  4. Speedminton® JUNIOR-Set
    Speedminton® JUNIOR-Set
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  5. Speedminton® Set S700
    Speedminton® Set S700
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6 Items

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Practical & robust Speedminton sets

What is speedminton?

Speedminton is also called crossminton and combines badminton (or badminton), tennis and squash (a mix of these sports) in one game or sport. Speedminton or crossminton is a setback game and a fast sport. The advantage of this sport or game is that it can be played anywhere and at any time. Because you do not need a network for speedminton, which is why it can be set up and dismantled very quickly. The playing field in Speedminton or Crossminton consists of 5.5 meters x 5.5 meters halves in the form of squares and has no fixed field marking. These squares are arranged on the field at a distance of 12.8 from each other. In addition, the Speedminton game can be played in the indoor area (hall in the club) and in the outdoor area. It is also very good for a match on the beach. There are fixed rules for competition in speedminton. You don't need much for a match or sport crossminton, namely only a racket and a speedminton ball or game ball (speeder), as well as some spare balls. A network is not required.

Rules in speedminton

A speedminton or crossminton match is won when two sets have been won. A game set is only won by a lead of two profit points. In Speedminton, each player has three serves, after which the service changes to the opponent. A player receives a point (point gain) if the Speedminton Ball (Speeder) touches the ground or if the Speedminton Ball touches the ground. Even if a Speedminton Ball (Speeder) hits the body of a teammate, this is counted as a point. After each set, the side or half of the field is changed. All in all, speedminton, like badminton, is characterized by simple rules, which is why it is also suitable for beginners. The official rules for a competition in Speedminton are set by the German Crossminton Association (DCV) and the International Crossminton Organization (ICO).

Speedminton Equipment

For a speedminton match you need a racket, a speeder and a speedminton field, but no net. The Speedminton rackets are made of robust, hardened aluminum and have a length of approx. 58 cm. The game balls (Speeder) have a hardened rubber or plastic attachment (wind ring) and have a greater weight compared to badminton balls. Due to the higher weight due to the wind rings, the game balls are wind-stable (as shuttlecocks) and they are characterized by great flight characteristics, flight distance and playing characteristics. You can also play speedminton at night or in the dark (blackminton) thanks to the integrated glow sticks (speedlights). The glow sticks in the game balls (Speedlights) glow at night or in the dark and provide enough light for a game or a match in the dark. Playing at night is a lot of fun and is also called blackminton.

Buying a speedminton set

In our shop you will find a large selection of different speedminton sets. The Speedminton sets always contain some Speedminton balls (Speeder), as well as some rackets, the game instructions and can be found in practical pockets with a shoulder strap or webbing. The Speedminton sets are available with a different number of racquets and balls, as well as with different bags (with shoulder strap or webbing or without shoulder strap or webbing). Instructions are included in every Speedminton Set. The game instructions are particularly helpful for absolute speedminton beginners. All products in the Speedminton Sets are characterized by high robustness, excellent quality, weather resistance and are very wind-stable. The Speedminton Sets are particularly suitable for use in schools (school playground or school sports), in club sports, in leisure facilities or in leisure time. The Speeedminton sets can be used indoors and outdoors.

Discover the various Speedminton sets in our range from well-known manufacturers and give your children a lot of fun with this quick setback game. Because for the Speedminton game you not only need a few materials, but it is also characterized by quick assembly and disassembly, as well as simple rules. Try it now and order the right speedminton set easily online in our shop.