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With us you will find the right Speedminton racket for every player (beginner or beginner, advanced or professional). Our range includes high-quality Speedminton rackets that are suitable for use in schools, clubs or in leisure time. Discover our Speedminton rackets now and easily order the rackets online at affordable prices!

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Robust Speedminton racket with great playing characteristics

What is speedminton?

Speedminton is also called crossminton, speed badminton or blackminton and combines badminton or badminton, tennis and squash (a mix of these sports) in one game. Speedminton is a setback game. The advantage of this sport or game is that it can be played anywhere and at any time. Because you do not need a network for speedminton, which is why it can be set up and dismantled very quickly. The playing field in Speedminton consists of 5.5 meters x 5.5 meters halves in the form of squares. These squares are spaced 12.8 m apart on the field. In addition, the Speedminton game can be played indoors and outdoors. There are fixed rules for competition in speedminton. You don't need much for a match or sport crossminton, namely just a racket and a speedminton ball (speeder), as well as some spare balls. Speedminton is also very good for schools. This sport can enable a moving and active break, in which the children train as well as their motor skills, reaction, coordination and speed. Speedminton can also be played at night. For the ball changes at night, the speedminton rackets and speedminton balls have lights (glow sticks or speedlights), which is why you can play well lit at night and the speedminton game is also called blackminton.

Rules in speedminton

A Speedminton game is won when two sets have been won. A game set is only won by a lead of two profit points. In Speedminton, each player has three serves, after which the service changes to the opponent. A player receives a point (point gain) if the Speedminton Ball (Speeder with wind ring) touches the ground when the ball is changed or if the Speedminton Ball touches the ground. Even if a Speedminton Ball hits the body of a teammate, this is counted as a point. After each set, the side or half of the field is changed. The official rules for a competition in Speedminton are set by the German Crossminton Association (DCV) and the International Crossminton Organization (ICO).

How are speedminton rackets constructed?

In Speedminton, a racket is used for the equipment, as well as in badminton (badminton racket) or shuttlecock and squash. The shape and design of the Speedminton racket is strongly based on a squash racket, but not identical to a squash racket. The Speedminton rackets vary in length (length between 58 and 60 cm) and can be made of different materials. Compared to a badminton racket, the speedminton rackets are narrower. A speedminton racket can e.g. be made of aluminum or carbon. A lighter weight Speedminton racket is considered to be of higher quality. The covering of the Speedminton racket can also vary. Especially because of the stringing or how a racket is strung with the strings, it is important that you use a Speedminton racket. Because a badminton racket and its stringing would not withstand the stresses of speedminton for long. In addition, the Speedminton rackets should be equipped with a soft handle. A speedminton racket is also faster to play than a badminton racket.

Buy speedminton rackets

Our speedminton rackets are characterized as follows:

  • Robust
  • Durable
  • Isometric shaped
  • Perfect for optimal accuracy in this sport
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (hall & outdoor court)

In our shop everyone will surely find what they are looking for and every player in the club, at leisure or at school will find the right Speedminton racket. Order a Speedminton Racket and convince yourself of the high quality and good playing properties of our Speedminton rackets. With us you will not only find Speedminton rackets, but also accessories for Speedminton, such as Speedminton balls with wind ring (Speeder), a net for Speedbadminton or a grip tape for Speedminton rackets. Great sets in speedminton sport are also available from us. Give this sport a try, because speedminton is a lot of fun!