Pump for aquafitmat (Art. W7982).

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Pump for aquafitmat (Art. W7982). Kübler Sport

With this pump, the Aquafitmat (type W7982) is inflated quickly and easily. Product features: - Pump for Aquafitmat (Art. W7982) - Also suitable for inflating SUPs etc. With the pump, the Aquafitmat is ready for use in just a few minutes. Order the Aquafitmat pump right away. Two pumps are already included in the set for the benefit price (item W7983). Mounting kit for Aquafitmat Another accessory for the Aquafitmat is the fixing kit, art. W7984. Through the stripes the Aquafitmat is fixed at the basin edge or at the swimming pool. Thus, the mat gains in stability and abrading is prevented. The ideal accessory for group fitness in the swimming pool. AQUAFITMAT, FLOATING FITNESS, AQUA FITNESS The Aquafitmat enables an effective whole-body training on dynamic ground. The rocking movements of the water demand deep muscle. Lots of fun is guaranteed when training with the Aquafitmat. Looking for other sports equipment for the aqua fitness? In the Kübler Sport Onlineshop we offer you a wide selection with aquabike, aqua jogging belt, aqua dumbbell and much more.

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