Bohnensäckchen, Frisbee, Nerf Vortex, Waboba Ball und Motorikball - Spiele für Kindergärten, Vereine und Schulen

Throwing & Catching

Bean bags, Frisbee and boomerang - games for kindergartens, sports clubs and schools

Bean bags and Frisbee are the classics for children of every age. In kindergarten, at school or in the sports clubs, throwing and catching games are famous among the children. During funny and exciting games the children have fun and pass good times. While playing, they also improve different social skills: playing together in groups at school or in kindergarten improves team spirit and the sense of solidarity. By the help of funny little devices such as bean bags, the younger children have a lot of fun. The small, soft bags are very lightweight and have a good grip. Children can enjoy their first throwing and catching games with the bean bags, without any fear to get hurt or injured. A lot of different games can be played with the bean bags.

Waboba Ball and motoric ball - training and preparation for different sports disciplines

With the help of the waboba ball, two different basic motoric skills can be improved: throwing and catching. These two skills are the basis for many different sport disciplines, as for example basketball, soccer or volleyball. The better you train these basic skills when you are young, the easier you can apply these basic skills in the future. With the new waboba ball, the training is a lot of fun. The coloured Waboba balls are lightweight and available in different designs. The balls can even be used in the water. The balls are suitable for private use and leisure sports, but they are also a very funny device for sports clubs and schools. Our motoric ball improves the coordinative skills and offers a lot of different possibilities to play and have fun. The different designs and forms of the balls offer a lot of excitement.

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