Playfield Marks

Playing field markings for indoors

Measuring and fixation of playing field markings according to the regulations of international sport associations. By means of a two-component special colour the line markings of the playing fields will be fixed according to the DIN regulations. Our colour on basis of Polyurethan is very abrasion-proof (according to DIN 59163), matt with a very good adhesive strength on all popular sport floors: Lino, PVC, PUR, synthetic or natural rubber or parquet. Our line markings fullfill all requirements according to DIN 18032/2 regulation! Please tell us the size of your sports hall, as well as the playing fields you would like to mark. Please have a look at our table with different sport playing fields. Additionally we need the information of the material of sports floor and whether it will be a new hall or the maintenance of an existion old hall. It will be a pleasure to send you for free a quotation. Kübler Sport is the specialist for complete sport hall renovations, maintenance of sport equipment, marking lines for sport halls and core hole drillings. Just contact us, it will be a pleasure to inform you!

New rules regarding basketball playing field markings:

In the summer of 2008, the FIBA (International Basketball Federation) decided on a new regulation of the BB-lining, which must is mandatory from 1 August 2010. Since 01.01.2009 can be played on both playing fields. The playing field available in the sports facility is binding. In the game business of the 1st and 2nd basketball league, the new regulations have to be implemented from August 2010. (This is for the interest of the national team so that the players who participate in international tournaments can already adjust to the conditions). In the game operation of the regional league (3rd league), the rule change will also be implemented on 01 August 2010. The implementation must take place no later than 1 August 2012. For the game operation below the regional league, the new game rules will be introduced binding on 01 August 2012!

Example threefold hall

All FIBA changes.

  • The restricted area is rectangular instead of trapezoid
  • The three points line is now 6.75m away from the basket instead of 6.25m
  • Introduction of the no-charge-half-circle

Playing field and running track markings for outdoors

We mark the tracks in your stadion! Additionally we can mark outdoor playing fields, streetball areas and football areas made from asphalt. The measuring will be done according to the international sport associations (IAAF, DLV). Including to our work we attach signs made from weatherproof aluminium signs clinched or screwed. The special marking lines will be done by abrasion-proof and light-proof special marking colours in a sprying technique with rubber granulat colour on Polyurethan basis. Trust into Kübler Sport, your expert for sport arenas. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information, planning, assembly or maintenance!