Panna Soccer Court Ø 5,0 m

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incl. special ground floor

Panna Soccer Court Ø 5,0 m

The Panna Soccer Court is the perfect playing field for upcoming ball artists!

The Panna Soccer Court is a small soccer court consisting of low side panels of 60 cm, practical posts, protective plastic fittings at the top and bottom as well as two adapted goals - and optionally a plastic floor. The construction of the Panna playing field requires no special knowledge and is set up in less than an hour. The Panna Soccer Court can also be used to play other ball games, such as hockey, which becomes even more intense within the court. Thus, the Panna Court is the ultimatefield for ball games. The soccer match at the Panna Soccer Court is highly intensive, technically sophisticated and fun!

The special floor for Panna Soccer Court made of synthetic material:
This new plastic floor gives your game an additional dimension! The floor absorbs shocks and makes a fall bearable. Many school yards consist of asphalt or stone slabs, which can cause considerable damage. Even in the rain, the modular floor is not smooth as the water drains through holes in the modules. In addition, the floor is maintenance-free, simple to install with minimal earthwork and frost-resistant down to minus 40 degrees.
- Floor dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5m
- Consisting of 121 plastic flows, which are connected by a special system
- Non-slip
- Fall absorption
- UV light resistant
- Available in red, gray, black and green. Please specify color when ordering.

Panna is a new Mediterranean variant of football. In an eighth arena with low side panles holding the ball in the field, two players play against each other. Two minutes are played.
By a Panna K. O., if a player achieves a controlled tunnel (Panna) against the opponent, the game is won immediately, regardless of the game points. Who kicks the ball directly from the field has lost.
- Easy construction
- Incl. 2 goals
- Octagonal field with 2 meter long panels made of solid plastic
- Height of the panels 60 cm
- Court size 25 m²

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