Original Hand Puppet MAIKE

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Original-Handpuppe MAIKE

Application field of Hand Puppets
The use of hand puppets is approved in different areas like kindergarten, nursery school, play groups, schools, handicapped centres, senior homes and also at home. The developement of speech and communication will be learned in a playing way. In therapy the hand puppets enable a very good access to the patient. Main fields of application are:
- Interactive role play
- As medium for logopedic work
- Medial therapeutic work
- For traumatised or emotional incriminated children or teenager during their therapeutic work
- For relationship building and memory work of seniors
- Helping friends in hospitals and doctor visits for kids
- Sleeping help

Five tips and technicals for playing with your hand puppet:
- It is very important to get into eye contact with your puppet and also the puppet with the qudience or patient.
- Practice with your puppet in front of a mirror, so that you can follow the movement exactly.
- Always treat and react on your puppet as to a real human being
Size: approx. 65 cm.
Trousers and shirt with flower print.
Face and hands: Velvet. Eye colour: brown. Hair: dark brown with braids .
Hands, mouth and tongue playable.
Trousers can be taken off, rest is fix.
Can be washed at 30° C.
Product information
Package width
44.2 cm
Package length
63.9 cm
Package height
19.3 cm
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