Ogo Sport® Set Ø 38 cm

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Ogo Sport® Set Ø 38 cm OgoSport

Ogo Sport® is ideal for children to train the motor skills and eye-hand coordination as well as in the field of leisure and physical education. In the game are also movements from sports such as volleyball, baseball and tennis. Both Ogo Sport® Set discs can be used both as a bat and as a flying disc or frisbee, offering countless ways to play.


- 2 discs Ogo Sport
- Frames of PU foam, strung with nylon net
- 1 ball of rubber cords ø 6.5 cm
- Including Instructions

Ogo Sport sets are available in two versions:
In addition to the Ogo Sport Set (item no. D3189) with a diameter of 29 cm is also available the Ogo Sport Set Mezo (item no. D3192) an even larger version with a diameter of 38 cm. With the larger discs the hit probability for children is greater!

The discs do not go under the water and thus provide for great fun on the beach or pool. The included game ball can be played up to 45 meters wide. To increase the fun factor children can also use water balloons.

The Ogo Sport discs are made of a rigid frame made of polyurethane foam and have an elastic nylon net for the ball acceleration, similar to a trampoline. The ball of rubber cords can be played over a net or cord. Great outdoor or indoor sports game to be played with a couple or even with several children.

More balls made from rubber cords or replacement balls are under item no. D3193 or D3204 available.

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